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Other Ministries

WBNA TV 21 broadcasts many local, national, and international ministries on Channel 21 or 21.1 on all television systems in and around the Louisville metro area.  It is also available on Channel 916 on the Time Warner Cable HD tier. The Light is our 24 hr ministry channel, which broadcasts over the air on digital Channel 21.3, or Channel 285 on Time Warner Cable. The best of Christian programming can be seen every day on WBNA Channels.  Here is a list of all the ministries currently running on WBNA.

National / International Ministries

Evangel World Prayer Center, “Word Alive”, “Evangel Presents”,
Andrew Wommack, “Gospel Truth”,
Arnold Murray, “Shepherds Chapel”,
James Robinson, “Life Today”,
Joel Osteen Ministries, “Joel”,
Joyce Meyer, “Enjoying Everyday Life”,
Les Feldick, “Through the Bible”,
Phil Saunders, “In Search of the Lord’s Way”,
Perry Stone Ministries, “Manna Fest”,
Richard Roberts, “The Place for Miracles”,
Tommy Bates, “Bridging the Gap “,

Local Ministries

Evangel World Prayer Center, “Word Alive”, “Evangel Presents”,
Bridegroom Cometh, Rev. Tom and Rev. Della Kirk, Contact via email
Christ Temple,
First Gethsemane, “Catch the Wave”,
Heritage International,
High Adventures, “Voice of Jerusalem”,
Life of Faith Bible Church, “Living The Life”,
New Birth Ministry Center, “New Birth New Life”,
New Life Church, “New Life Today”,
Old Fashion Gospel Hour,
Rest of the News, and
Revolution Ministries, “The Revolution”,
River City Love Squad,