Deadbeat – Kentuckiana Child Support Court

Channel 21.1 – Weekdays at 2:00 pm

This 30-minute program takes you inside Jefferson County Child Support Court while the real drama unfolds with real people. Cameras have been granted special permission to follow these cases from the courtroom to inside jail walls to gain perspective on a growing and national problem plaguing single parents.

Judge Erica Williams and Judge Sean Delahanty have endorsed the program and are granting us unprecedented access to what happens in their courtrooms.  Deadbeat will entertain and educate people at the same time.”

BMB Productions, the producer of Secrets of Louisville Chefs, is producing the program. BMB is led by Executive Producer Michael Lattin, an Emmy and Eclipse Award-winning producer. His highly experienced team brings loads of insight and energy to Deadbeat.

The talent on the show is diverse and consists of the following:
Host – Jenny Merryman
Legal Analyst – Nicole Compton

Watch the trailer:
Episode 1-1
Episode 1-14